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  • Exkursion zur Müllverbrennungsanlage der Currenta in Dormagen
    Am 19.6. können wir einen Besuch bei der Müllverbrennungsanlage im Chemiepark in Dormagen bei der... [mehr]
  • Aktuelle Vorlesungszeiten
    Numerische Strömungsberechnung (CFD): Di., 8:15-11.30 Uhr in W.11.018 Angewandte... [mehr]
  • Neue Abschlussarbeiten zu vergeben!
    Abschlussarbeiten zu den Themen Energienetze und Tropfendynamik [mehr]
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    Sprechstunden von Prof. Janoske finden regelmäßig am Dienstag zwischen 15-16 Uhr in W.11.26 statt... [mehr]
  • Studentische/wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft gesucht!
    Job as student worker: The main task is modeling and simulation of droplet-particle-substrate... [mehr]
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Multiphase flows can be found in numerous fields, e.g. in biomedical engineering as well as process engineering. To describe multiphase flows becomes more and more important for a faster and better product development. Therefore, we are focusing on numerical methods to describe and to optimize multiphase flows. In addition, the coupling of multiphase flows to structural problems (fluid-structure interaction) is part of our research activities.

Process engineering

Our main focus in process engineering is the mathematical modeling and numerical simulation of solid-liquid separation processes. These methods are applied to waste water treatment processes for the dewatering of screenings as well as the solid-liquid separation in centrifugal fields.



Biomedical engineering / life science / sports

We are working in close collaboration with several University hospitals in Frankfurt and Marburg as well as with the chair of sports medicine at the University of Wuppertal. Current projects are the mathematical modeling of the flow in aortic aneurysms.  
Together with the University of Salzburg, the comfort behavior of armrests was determined experimentally and numerically to develop new methods to predict the comfort behavior for virtual prototypes.

Environmental engineering

Our activities in environmental engineering range from the modeling and simulation of the droplet separation in exhaust gas systems to the modeling of coupled heat transfer processes in turbo machinery and electrical devices to optimize the energy consumption and reduce heat losses.

A selection of projects can be found in the list on the left.