Lehrstuhl für Strömungsmechanik - Chair of Fluid Mechanics

Energy Effcient Cleaning of Deposited Particle structures with Droplets (EnEffRein)

The goal of the project "EnE ffRein" is to develop novel cleaning methods based on the use of high pressure liquid jets or droplet collectives, to realise the energy efficient cleaning of particulate systems from surfaces without the use of other chemicals. The project is in cooperation with BREUER Maschinen und Anlagenbau
GmbH & Co. Solingen. By trying to optimize the process of cleaning, the aim is to achieve an energy efficient separation of particulate systems by the use of minimal amount of cleaning fluid and targeted application to the particles.
In order to design an energy efficient process, it is necessary to stick as well to better understand the process of removal of particulate structures. For that the fi rst basic experiments will be carried out with single drops and single particles. Based on these results, the conception of experiments will continue.
As part of the project, the development of new models for the simulation of the particle behavior in the dynamic separation will also take place. The modeling of the particles is be in volumetric resolution, taking into account the prevailing surface and volume forces. Furthermore, the description of adhesive forces taking into account surrounding liquid layers will also be made.

In the context of the present project, the method shall be applied by way of example to the cleaning of metal strips, which are covered by scale layers. If the methods are successfully used, a wide range of fields of application are accessible. In addition to household cleaning methods (dishwashers, high-pressure cleaners,etc.), the methods can often be applied to cleaning processes in industry.

This project is funded by Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie (FKZ: 03ET1553A&B).

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