Lehrstuhl für Strömungsmechanik - Chair of Fluid Mechanics

Multiphase Flows

Module Computational Fluid Mechanics 1 Master CSIS


Module overview

  • to understand the fluid mechanical equations (Navier-Stokes equations)
  • to understand the mathematical background of CFD
  • to choose and understand different models to simulate flows (turbulence models, etc.)
  • to evaluate CFD-solutions
  • to apply CFD for the purposes of research and development

Course objectives

  • Basics of multiphase flows
  • Solid-liquid flows (single particle, bulk of particles – packed bed, fluidized bed, pneumatic transport)
  • Gas-liquid flows (single particles, cavitation, foams, pressure drop calculation for multiphase flows)

Required course materials

  • Class notes will be provided on the Moodle class web site. The password for the course will be given in class.
  • Further textbooks are listed in the class notes.


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